Friday, February 08, 2008

School Supplies

1. When did you last use graphing paper?
I think it was back in secondary school in 1987. I don't really enjoy using graphing paper. I think it was only used in Mathematics and Science classes.

2. When did you last use a highlighter?
I use the highlighter on Tuesday 3 days ago. I am still studying now, for my bible classes and meetings. There are certain question and answer sessions which we are given some notes to prepare and consider beforehand, so I will use a highlighter to highlight subtitles but underline the main point with pen and ruler.

3. When did you last cover a book?
Perhaps last year. Although I seldom cover my books these days but I am sure that I do cover some at least once a year. Those which I know that I will use for the rest of the year. Some textbook for bible classes and discussions.

4. When did you last wear an apron or smock?
I have never wore an apron or smock for kitchen purposes. However, I do wear protective jacket or sweater to protect my clothes from the dust and me from the cold wind when I ride the motorbike. That I did so last week.

5. When did you last use glue?
I think last year too. I am not sure for what now. Perhaps to wrap presents or seal an envelope. I think it was to seal an envelope. I usually use the cellophane tape for presents.

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