Friday, April 04, 2008

Culinary Schools Finder

I am not sure at what age someone would have the ambition to be a chef or a cook but I happened to know a few kids aged 12 and 15 who said that. Yes, they wanted to be cooks even though no one in their family are in the food business. Was it the movies such as Ratatouille or some other influence in their lives that motivated them to choose this career? Perhaps it is the love of food as anyone can be at whatever the age.

Whatever the case may be, a culinary school would definitely be the answer to help one get the necessary qualifications needed to be a chef. There is really a wide syllabus in the art of culinary. There are also more specific chef school in specialized categories such as pastry or vegetarian cooking.

I was reading the page of potential earnings and also what the top executive chefs are earning and they seem to be an attractive career option. So do check the culinary schools that is nearest to your area.

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