Sunday, April 27, 2008

Intense Debate User

I have a new comment form here by Intense Debate. It looks good so far. There are so many features that I don't know where to begin. For a start, us bloggers here at Blogspot can have the comment form on the same page as the post. Some other cool features are tracking and notifications via feeds, you get to reply to other commenters (hmm...this feature can be controlled by the admin, of course), avatar and profile enabled, voting ability on the comments (this is to encourage sensible and intelligent comments rather than some "oh, that's nice" type of replies), all kinds of social networking sites integrated to boost traffic to your sites, and widgets on top commenters and others.

This is a very useful tools to say the least for us bloggers here at blogspot. Try it out and see if all is working good for you. I have just started this and so far no problems in installing it. I can import comments from blogger. Let's see how it all goes. Leave me a comment if you are able to comment here or otherwise please leave a message at the chatbox if you have trouble using the comment form. Thank you!

1 comment:

  1. I am not able to use Intense Debate on this blog. Even one person commented that they are not able to view the comment form is too many.