Monday, April 28, 2008

Mobile Marketing Via Short Text Messaging

Mobile marketing of the handphone kind is getting more and more popular these days. There aren't many young people at even school going age that does not have a handphone. The mobile phone market is not limited nor exclusive to business people anymore. This have opened up a large field of targeted audience for promotions of all sorts. SMS or Short Message Service has become a popular and legitimate way of communication and thus advertising too. The more stringent guidelines regarding advertising through SMS has made this method more favorable than other types of spam advertisements.

One key criterion for provisioning is that the consumer opts in to the service. The mobile operators demand a double opt in from the consumer and the ability for the consumer to opt out of the service at any time by sending the word STOP via SMS. These guidelines are established in the Mobile Marketing Association Consumer Best Practices Guidelines which are followed by all mobile marketers in the United States.

The next step is finding a mobile marketing company that is trustworthy and reliable for our advertising needs. Cellit Mobile Marketing is a company providing mobile marketing solutions such as (text messaging, wap and voice) to small and large businesses. They have an easy to manage mobile marketing campaign tools that enable you to promote your products and services and also monitor the results of your campaigns.

Some state of the art technology and services provided by Cellit Mobile Marketing through their sister websites are House4Cell and CouponZap. House4Cell is a special revolutionary tool to help boost the confidence of those in the competitive market of the real estate business. You will need to get first hand and updated information on properties available, buyers and sellers notifications, keeping in touch through blast alerts messages and much more. This will keep you and your potential customers well informed and ahead of the others.

From the name CouponZap, you can identify that this is a mobile coupon campaign alert. This mobile promotion enables you to provide customers with certain discounts or free gifts when they show their sms promotional messages to participating vendors. This method is both effective and cost saving. Imagine the promotions and offers are directed at consumers that actually want to view your advertisements. This is the benefit of text messaging and mobile marketing. Consumers are opt in and they have understood that they will be sent promotional messages.

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