Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is digiscrapping really addictive?

Recently, I made a promise to my brother who lives abroad that I will make him a scrapbook. This is a real life one where I will paste photographs in an album and make short notes at the bottom or sidebar and send it by post to him. Well, I have not in any way started even to shop for the album yet, so the project hasn't really taken off yet. This will be my first project of this nature because I want to share what's going on here and my life with him being abroad.

The thing though is, I am not sure whether I like this project or not. The thought just came to me. I was reading in some blogs how people love digital scrapping and how they became addicted to it. Is digiscrapping really so addictive? I was never a person into photography. I mean I don't have much of an eye for taking photos and I also am not the sentimental type that keeps and arrange my photo albums regularly. I seldom reminisce with taking photo albums out and look at them. However, I do move house frequently and those are the times the photo albums come out of the closets and I will flip them through. Nevertheless, I can understand why some mothers would love to take plenty of photos of their babies and children to view the progress of their growth and memorialized the experiences with them on photos. They only remain babies for such a short while. I also understand if some folks like to save up plenty of photos if their spouses are working away from home. This too will be good reason to save up photos when they communicate with each other.

So coming back to this project, I will need to go shop for an album and take it from there then. If I enjoyed the process, I will look more seriously to do online ones too.

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  1. Yes, digiscrapping IS addicting! Once you get into it, the sharing with others online keeps you addicted, the always learning something new keeps you addicted, and just the natural high you get at completing something (just like any other hobby) keeps you addicted.