Thursday, April 24, 2008

Therapeutic Steam Shower Stalls

After a long and hectic day at work and also rushing through the traffic jams, it is no wonder that we would look forward to a luxurious bath or showers to refresh our body and mind. Why does it feel so good to have water jetted on to our tired bodies? It is no secret that the ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Chinese and Japanese civilizations uses hydrotherapy or the use of water for soothing pains and treating diseases. Hydrothermal therapy additionally uses its temperature effects, as in hot baths, saunas, wraps, etc. Today, hydrotherapy is used to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, spinal cord injuries and in patients suffering burns, spasticity, stroke or paralysis.

When you alternate between a steam shower and cold water shower, it stimulates the body's reaction. In turn the nerves carry impulses felt at the skin deeper into the body, where they are instrumental in stimulating the immune system, influencing the production of stress hormones, invigorating the circulation and digestion, encouraging blood flow, and lessening pain sensitivity.

Generally, heat quiets and soothes the body, slowing down the activity of internal organs. Cold, in contrast, stimulates and invigorates, increasing internal activity. If you are experiencing tense muscles and anxiety from your stress, a hot shower or bath is in order. If you are feeling tired and stressed out, you might want to try taking a warm shower or bath followed by a short, invigorating cold shower to help stimulate your body and mind. This is why we feel so good after a shower.

You can find many varieties of shower stalls depending on your budget and space available. This Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure (see photo) is a trendy, elegant and sophisticated looking shower stall that gives a modern look to your bathroom. Feel free to contact the customer service department for more information.


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