Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Look Of The Year Contest

Many people who watched television in the world were caught up with the reality talent show regarding American Idol, so much so that in many other countries, they hosted their own reality talent show as well. These reality talent shows had many millions of people glued to the television to see the reactions of the participants and the judges too! The point of the matter is people YOU could be a judge this time with

Yes, with Look of the Year, you could be the judge and participant in this unique online beauty contest. This contest is open to anyone aged between 14 and above. There is a simple registration form to complete to enter in this contest. You participate with a photo (head shot) and a short catchy description of yourself. When visitors to the site come, they will vote for your photo and profile description. You will also be given your profile url or link to promote yourself. The participant that get the most votes wins. What is the prize? $10,000 terms and conditions applied. For more information, please visit the site or use the contact form.

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