Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Visit to the Big Island-Hawaii

What kind of image does the Hawaiian Islands conjure up in one's mind? I am pretty sure mine comes up something like white sandy beaches, pristine waters, swaying coconut palm tress and warm nights on lanais lit by romantic tiki torches. Not to forget would be the Polynesian luau replete with fresh pineapple, poi, lomilomi salmon and yes, the kalua pig roasting by the pit. I can almost hear the soft swaying music as beautiful girls with their leis and flower headdresses sashayed and danced to the instrumental tunes. Wouldn't this be a perfect vacation or a dream come true? There are indeed much more you can gather from Hawaii Vacation Info.

Do you know why the island of Hawaii is called the Big Island? This is because you could take the other major islands such as Oahu, Maui, and Kuai and easily fit them all into the Big Island! This amazing island covers over 10, 432 square kilometers and is still growing due to the active volcanic activities there. When a volcano erupt, the lava will create new lands. There are even volcanoes that can be viewed close-up with safety. It s definitely spectacular with the mighty roar and hiss as well as huge plumes of steam and smoke forming clouds and black sand beaches. This is definitely a much desired family or friends dream vacation. You can check in at the Big Island Vacation Rentals for more convenience.

At Maui where the main revenue derives much from tourism, the Hawaiian Ecotourism Association (HEA) ensure the environment and natural beauty of the island is protected and maintained. This will provide tourists a worth for their money to rest, relax or plan a romantic getaway. Don't forget to make your reservations with Maui Vacation Rentals for a memorable stay.

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