Monday, April 21, 2008

What's in your bag?

It is fun sometimes to know what people keep in their wallets or handbags. I have read at some meme that people keep all kinds of stuff in their handbags. The usual of course is not necessary for a post here and no one has tag me yet for a "what is in your handbag" meme, so I just take the liberty of posting mine.

After I had my skin problem, I have ceased using makeup and therefore my handbag does not contain any lipsticks, powder, foundation, eyeliner of any kind. However, my genius of sister gave me a mini fan of which I am grateful for. (See photo of the mini fan). I hate crowds at the mall and would easily get stress out. On the other hand, I like the air conditioner at the mall, so when I get too hot after walking even in the air conditioned mall, I will whip out my mini fan to cool myself down. And couple that with my mini water bottle of 300 ml, I can at least last a little longer at the mall even on a crowded day. These two items is something that I must have with me no matter where I go nowadays.

And if I am going to spend a few hours at the mall either window shopping or just watching people, I will bring a novel with me. Then I will find myself a nice cozy cafe and sit there reading while savoring my favourite cappuccino plus cheese cake. Ah, that's life.

What about you? What do you keep in your handbag or purse?

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