Monday, May 12, 2008

Disney Movie Club

Whether we are young or adult, we have our own favourite Disney movies. I grew up falling in love with Ariel of The Little Mermaid, wishing I had a pair of glass slippers like Cinderella and even recently singing along with Troy and Gabriella in The High School Musicals. Aren't we all enchanted by Pirates of the Caribbean, reminisce with The Kid (Bruce Willis), waltz in Shall We Dance (Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez) and much more. What better way to get our collection of classic Disney movies, cartoons or current bestseller ones than to join the Disney Movie Club?

When you accept the introductory offer to join the Disney Movie Club where you get the first 3 DVDs for $1.99 each, and you may purchase an additional bonus for $14.99–$5 off the regular catalogue price. A fifth selection may be had for $9.95. Shipping is free! You agree to the terms of membership specified within your enrollment agreement, including the purchase of a minimum number of titles at regular Club prices. Regular Club prices start at just $14.95 per VHS and $19.95 per DVD, plus any shipping and processing charges specified in your offer. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of your introductory movies.

About every 4 weeks, you will receive a mailing indicating the Featured Title. You can choose to receive the Featured Title (highlights and insights to new releases and members only discounts), an alternate, or no movie at all. Each movie you purchase at regular Club prices counts as one unit toward fulfilling your membership agreement. The Disney Movie Club is also an excellent way to present your loved ones with the movies that brought back many fond memories.

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