Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to pass a drug test naturally?

A drug test is administered to determine whether a person has illegal or controlled substance it his or her system. Although drug testing, especially random drug testing is not allowed in every state in the U.S. certain companies have a strict adherence to a carefully written policy about drug and alcohol substance abuse. An employee may be denied promotions, loss the ability to claim unemployment, worker's compensation or disability benefits and in the worst case scenario get fired from a job if they failed a drug test. Potential employers may refuse to hire you if and when you refuse a drug test too.

However, not every state and municipality, company or employer have a zero-tolerance policy about substance abuse. Some employers may request that you seek treatment on your own instead of firing you. There are ways to detoxify your system in a fast and safe way. It is not just a matter of doing the employee a favor but it cost a lot of money to fire and hire replacement employees. Not to mention the training of new employees takes time as well. So, treatment programs might be a cheaper alternative and produce sober, grateful, more-dedicated employees.

But, if you refuse treatment after failing drug testing, you're likely out of a job, even if you're a responsible, recreational drug user who doesn't really need formal help. Even if you accept treatment, your employer might be under no obligation by law to give you time off or sick leave pay. An alternate temporary solution might be to consider how to pass a drug test naturally. Having an understanding about how the drug test works and then getting a safe product to cleanse and detoxify your system may be the temporary solution to this predicament. There are even products that can help you pass drug test for cocaine and marijuana.

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