Friday, May 02, 2008

Environmental Friendly Soy Candles

When I first heard about soy candles, I was absolutely fascinated with this delicious idea. I mean I can just imagine the comforting fragrance and aromatic smell of soy beans. Soy candles are more environmental friendly product as compared to the normal paraffin candles because they do not produce the thick ugly black smoke. Instead soy candles produce a lighter white soot. We know that paraffin candles are made from chemicals and can thus produce toxins but soybean wax are made from natural products that are organic, bio-degradable and natural.

What about the fragrance and scents used in soy candles? Aren't they chemicals too? The answer is Yes. Air, water and essential oils are all chemicals. However, with responsible chemists that extracts renewable plant resources and the use of high quality fragrance oils, soy candles can be made to balance perfectly and to create a clean burn. If you are thinking of presenting soy candles as gifts, take a look at these delightful Soy tealights (see photo on the left).

Make no mistake that soy candles may be the new rave on the market as many people are getting more cautious to environmental friendly products. Consumers have learn to ask the right questions now when purchasing even normal household products. So you need not feel apprehensive with these products. Wholesale Soy Candles are also available if you want them for your stores. Show that you care for the environment.

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