Friday, May 02, 2008

Real Estate Owned Home Study Course

The real estate business is getting harder with each passing year. The foreclosures (whereby owners failed to comply with repaying their mortgage and therefore the lender/bank repossess the property) has increased tremendously. It is predicted that foreclosures will more than double in 2008 to a whooping figure of 2.2 million cases. This is turn is bad news to real estate investors, home owners and real estate agents. In particular, real estate agents would find it difficult to sell houses and property.

Legally, banks are not allowed to own properties. But the many foreclosures has increase the demand for real estate agents who understand REO (Real Estate Owned by banks after foreclosure) to list and sell their properties. So the market is there but how and where can one learn about this? The REO Home Study Course is a step by step system that teaches you how to list and sell bank foreclosures. You will learn how to build relationships with banks who have foreclosed on homes so you as the agent can re-sell those homes.

The system will be a REO Agent Training program that teaches the agent how and where to ask about becoming an agent for a foreclosed home. There are many real estate agents that has benefited from this training course. Some of their testimonies are listed on the site. You can read some excerpts about what the course will entail on the website. For a reduced price from $997 to $497, you can learn the tips and tricks of How to Do REO Bank Owned Properties. This is only a fraction of what might make you a 6 figure annual income.

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