Friday, May 02, 2008

Some major cities in Europe

London, the United Kingdom's capital is one of the world's largest cities-a place redolent with history. The city is renowned global centre of business, finance and culture, with huge influence over international affairs. Some major tourists destination include the Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich, the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew and Westminster Abbey/Palace with St Margaret's Church which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Other famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the House of Parliament, the London Eye and much more invites and welcomes us to visit and tour the city. While touring the city, don't forget to check in at the Hotels in London.

Manchester has a mixture of old and new buildings due to the damage done in World War
II. As a result, there has been extensive redevelopment with some splendid modern architecture along side sturdy Victorian edifices to give the city a distinctive character of its own. Manchester has a strong cultural tradition and annually hosts festivals, has many great galleries, excellent museums and much more. You will be delighted at the choices of Hotels in Manchester too.

Amsterdam is the capital and the largest city of The Netherlands. Its name is derived from "Amstel dam", pointing to the city's origin: a dam on the river Amstel. The city is known for its historic port, the Rijksmuseum, its red-light district (de Wallen), its liberal coffee shop policy, and its many canals (grachten) which have led to Amsterdam being called the "Venice of the North". There are many canals and great architectural buildings to be visited and enjoyed in Amsterdam. There are many luxury or budget Hotels in Amsterdam to suit your needs.

Paris is a global city that sits astride the River Seine. Think of Paris and you will picture amazing architecture, incredible museums, world-class galleries, fabulous parks, great theaters, elegant boulevards, classy shops, gourmet restaurants and lively caf├ęs. Actually there are endless places to visit and things to do in Paris. There is so much to see and enjoy that it is impossible to accomplish it all in one visit. Make your visit memorable with Hotels in Paris and make sure to return the next year to continue the tour.

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