Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Country Music Stations with High Definition Radio

I used to think that we can only search and download songs from the computer to our iPods to be played later on. However, with the new state of the art high definition radios such as the Polk Audio I-sonic ES2, one can actually tag and saved songs from the radio while it is playing! Even if you do not know the song or the artist, you can tag and save the information to be use later for purchase and to listen to it again. What a handy player to have around when you are doing some house chores or even reading at leisure.

If you enjoy listening to country music, you can find many new country music stations using this technology that enables CD quality sound even from the local FM radio channels. These high quality songs and music are subscription free. Imagine the Florida High Definition Radio stations playing high quality comparable to CD quality songs from the HD radio, which is devoid of those annoying static sounds in the background and crystal clear music to your ears.

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