Sunday, June 29, 2008

Take Time for A Stroll

I fondly remembered that during my courtship or dating to the younger folks, I used to be able to walk with my now hubby for hours. Just holding hands and walking and talking. We don't seem to get tired nor run out of things to say. Ah, but these days it is common to give excuses not to walk around such as the weather is too hot, too cold, too rainy, too dry.

Actually there are many benefits of strolling around together through the neighbourhood besides that it helps promote good health. These quality time can be used to share details of our busy day. We can get out the baby strollers or if there are kids around, have them in their in-line skates and just go for a family walk together. We can get to know and chat with the neighbours, watch the sun set or just saunter in silence. It helps too if the air is fresh and we can really enjoy the company and comfort of the sense of belonging to each other. So this evening walk is really worth the effortas it gives an opportunity to exercise your body and your relationship.

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