Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Treasure Your "Alone" Time

Humans can easily do things in an automatic state at times. For example we may go to great lengths to protect our valuables but neglect more important things like the relationships in our life. We polish our silver and wax the car, rent a safe deposit box for the diamond brooch we inherited, and insure our possessions for the full replacement value. Yet, what of the most priceless treasures that we have like our marriage? A strong marriage demands an investment of time spent together-polishing and protecting, nurturing and affirming.

Do we take our marriage for granted? Are we underestimating its value and therefore not giving it the necessary attention as we afford our material stuff? Your marriage can provide you with a lifetime of comfort, companionship and encouragement plus a strong sense of family even when the children are grown and left home. But marriage requires constant maintenance, regular one-on-one "alone" time. Don't allow the urgencies of a busy day to crowd out the care of your relationship. Don't allow anything or anyone to interfere with those precious few moments you find to spend alone together. Yes, this means phones and television off.

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