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Songs With Swimming In Their Lyrics

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Swimming is generally regarded as the best form of physical exercise. There's no doubt that the person who regularly engages in swimming possesses a healthy body and a sound mind. But can swimming also serve as an auditory stimulus?

It's a question intended for fun, actually. The sound of the word "swimming" may really be pleasing to the ear, as there are quite a number of songs that has this word in their lyrics, often repeated many times throughout the song. Here are some examples:

1. "This World Of Water" (recorded as a single in 1980 by the English synthpop group New Musik) - The line "But you're swimming against the tide" appears four times in the song.

2. "Blue" (recorded in 1995 by the Canadian hard rock band Harem Scarem, as the second track of their album "Voice of Reason") - The line "Swimming with (in) chains in the river" appears twice in the song.

3. "Theme from the Bottom" (recorded in 1996 by the American rock band Phish, as the seventh track of their album "Billy Breathes") - The line "So I ask you why if I'm swimming by" appears three times in the song.

4. "The Background" (recorded in 1997 by the American alternative rock band Third Eye Blind, as the twelfth track of their eponymous debut album "Third Eye Blind") - The line that goes "Cause (Well) you come swimming into view" appears three times in the song.

5. "The Mask" (recorded in 1984 by the Welsh songwriter Roger Glover) - The line "But the swimming pool is empty now, no water there at all" is sung prominently in the middle of the song.

6. "Yellow Boat" (recorded by the Dutch rock group Nits) - The song includes the lines "She is swimming and I will give her water to drink" and "She is swimming and I will leave her".

7. "Love to Hate, Hate to Me" (recorded in 2002 by the post-hardcore band A Static Lullaby, as the first track of their album "Withered") - This song has the line "Swimming in the pools of my mind" repeated twice.

8. "Swimming (I Dive Into You)" (recorded by the Hungarian pop-rock singer Akos) - This song includes the following lines, each of which is repeated at least twice during the entire song:

• "Swimming in your pool"

• "Swimming in your water"

• "Babe, I'm swimming in your sea"

• "Swimming in your silence"

• "Swimming the sadness out of me"

• "Swimming the badness out of me"

9. "Swimming Ground" (recorded in 1985 by the American rock band Meat Puppets, as the sixth track of their album "Up on the Sun") - The song has the line "We could go and float around in our favorite swimming ground".

10. "Swimming In Your Ocean" (recorded in 1993 by the Canadian folk rock band Crash Test Dummies, as the fifth track of their album "God Shuffled His Feet") - The song climaxes with the line "When I'm swimming in your ocean...".

The list of songs with swimming in the lyrics can simply go on and on.
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