Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What is your comfort food?

This is a tag from Liza.

"What is your comfort food / drinks and why is it so? Grab a picture of it and post it if you may. Enjoy!"

Ever since I know or understand the term comfort food, it has been Chocolates for me. Sorry I don't cook, so I won't even list something that needs to be cooked. Just love the taste of cocoa melting in my mouth. Dark chocolates, chocolates with fillings, those with nuts...well you name, I love it! And why comfort? Well, if I am upset about a certain matter, you can almost win me over with chocolates anytime. I will be cheered up and yes, comforted instantly for sure.

I tag Linda and Meirz


  1. HI Serena! Thanks for doing the tag ;) That was fast... lol. I love chocolates too, the dark bitter ones ;) Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Thanks for visiting. And my very first tag[*jump jump*]
    n I love chocolates too.:)